POLYCHROM chips are regular chips with no inserts or decals, they are fully customizable in full-color graphics on both faces and the edge using state of the art sublimation printing techniques. Various sizes are available, as well as a choice of either a texture or smooth surface finish on the faces and have Sun-Fly's unique high gloss rolling edge. All chip products are made with casino-grade materials and can be customized with multiple security features.



The PolyChrom chips are fully customizable on both faces and the rolling edge, as well as different combinations of security features. Here are some essentials that needs to be considered before you place a custom order with SUN-FLY.


Various shapes & sizes are available to POLYCHROM chips and plaques to fulfill customers’ needs. SUN-FLY also undertakes orders for custom shape or size if current available models don’t meet your requirements. Please speak with our sales representative to explore more possibilities.



Alignment option includes FACE ALIGNMENT and EDGE ALIGNMENT which increase the appearance quality of a chip. Face alignment features images on both sides of a chip/plaque towards the same direction. Edge alignment is when a patten, color stripes or edge spots on the face of the chips extend down to line up with the rolling edge.



The complexity of making a high-quality ceramic chip makes counterfeiting Sun-Fly products extremely difficult, and the combination of different security features has made it almost impossible to successfully counterfeit.



The listed artwork designs are inspiration references, SUN-FLY owns the copyright of all listed design templates and you are free to use any of them with your orders with us. SUN-FLY also provides design service by our experienced in-house graphic designers.

Lucky Dragon